Gold Mining is More Fun in The Philippines

Gold mining is one of the coolest things and funnest things things there is.  It can be super physically demanding, dangerous, and bad for the environment, and people will still risk their lives and finances to pull yellow metal out of the earth.  I have gold mines myself in Mexico, and there are crocodiles in the rivers, drug cartels living in the towns and jungles, and Mexican military passing through the place bringing the hammer down periodically.  And yet it is so fun to go down and put in a little seat and blisters and tears to explore our property for gold.

TO GO WITH Philippines-environment-minin

Today’s link describes how regular people are taking risks in a different part of the world to dig up the shiny expensive metal.  Sounds like these guys in Philippines are risking even more than we are, swimming into muddy holes and tunnels underwater to find gold.

My question for you is this.  If someone came to you and showed you that you could make a fortune taking a chance on gold mining, would you take the risk?  I guess it depends on the property and the treasure in it, right?

Anyway, enjoy the link!

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