Opportunities For Gold Buyers When The Price of Gold Goes Down

Sometimes when people buy gold and then they watch the goal price go up and down, they think that their gold was losing or gaining value. That thinking is actually incorrect.  What’s really happening is gold is the item that retains its value over time (thousands of years), and when the gold price fluctuates it is really the dollar, or the Euro, or the Yen, or whatever else the money is denominated in, that is going up and down in value. It’s the paper money that either increases or decreases rapidly in value.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.22.12 AM

For example, I have linked an article that says in Europe gold is at the highest price that has been in a while right now, due to the upcoming uncertainty over the elections there.  What’s happening is instead of gold being very high due to the elections, in fact the Euro is going down due to the uncertainty over the  elections, and other market pressures, and therefore when priced in euros, gold seems to have gone up.  It’s hard to buy things when your money is going down in value right? Cuz it takes more of your money to buy the same item. Same with an ounce of gold.  If your Euro is losing value, it’s going to take more and more of those  Euros to buy the same amount of gold and therefore it seems like gold is going up.

This reveals the opportunity for gold buyers when the listed price of gold goes down.  It is a great time to add more gold to your stash because for various market factors, paper money can temporarily buy more of whatever you want to spend it on.  But you can be assured that that condition will not last, and the paper money will continue to bleed it’s value over time. Take the opportunity of a lower gold price to stack a bit more of the yellow metal that does not lose its value.  You will eventually be glad you did!


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Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-27/european-gold-nears-brexit-highs-elections-loom


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