Investors and Ordinary People Alike Are Advice To Invest in Gold

Everyday there are more and more trustworthy people warning about the shaky ground that the world’s financial system is standing on.  Hedge fund managers, financial planners, economists, market experts, former central bankers, and now a current central banker of a small country,  all are warning investors and ordinary people alike to get some of their money in gold.

The latest is the director of the central bank of Kyrgyzstan, a tiny country in the former Soviet Block of nations.  Situated north of India/Pakistan and west of China, this small country does not have global political or economic aspirations that cloud their policies and pronouncements.  All its leaders care about is watching out for their people, because they can’t do anything else anyway.  When the central bank if this country announces that it wants every citizen in that poor country to have a small amount of gold to protect themselves against a possible global financial crash, every other regular person in the world in every other country should hear and heed that advice.

 Get a personal account at Goldmoney.  It is just like having a bank account with dollars or euros or yen or any other paper currency, but you have actual gold in the account instead.  Which you own 100%.  You can have the gold shipped to you or keep it in Brinks’ vault where you can access it with a debit card in emergency.  It is insured 100% against theft and loss for free by Brinks and is the best way to have a little bit of gold set aside safely to protect your finances and your family.

Go to the link below to get your account today.  You will be glad you did!


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