Inflation is Arriving! Will Attack Dollar and Pump Gold Value

Everyone who uses paper money (all of us), this post is for you.  Inflation is a killer of regular people’s wealth.  Inflation causes our dollars, or euros or pesos or whatever to buy less and less and less.  All the money printing went to institutions and fat cats on Wall Street and the big banks and the banking system.  As a result, all those fat cats had money to burn and went out and bought mansions and art and jewelry and other investments typical for the rich, and the prices on those items inflated drastically.


Everyone said, there is not much price increase on everyday items so inflation must not be hitting the entire economy, it must not be hurting the little guy or the everyday person.  Well folks, here is proof that inflation is starting to hit are everyday economy and every day prices are about to rise for everything the little guy buys.  Read the following article and get wise!  Gold is the best way to protect against inflation.

A Goldmoney Personal account is the best way for the everyday person to get gold, secure their gold, and have it handy just in case they have to liquidate small amounts of it for emergency items, like keeping their kids from going hungry, etc.

Folks, please protect your finances today.  Follow the link below and get a Goldmoney Personal account.  You will be glad you did!




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