Significant of Goldmoney to Any Financial Crisis

To all the good ordinary people out there, … people just like me with responsibilities, bills, and a never ending battle to keep food on the table and a roof over your heads…..

Have you ever noticed how crazy our world seems nowadays?  One day it’s a terrorist attack with innocent people killed.  Another day it is a country invading another country.  The next day it is a political scandal, and the next there is news of a catastrophe in the oil market.  News of disputed elections in the US and Europe is followed by news of impeachments and banking failures in Latin America and market rigging in Asia.  All this is a precursor for stories of melted down nuclear reactors spewing deadly planet killing radiation in Japan and sabre rattling for war in the south China Sea.  It is all just one worrisome piece of news after the other.


Add to this the fact that we seem to hear of natural disasters on a weekly basis.  Earthquakes destroying cities and tsunamis washing away whole coastlines seem much more common.  Weather patterns producing terrible droughts and fires, and record setting hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones are now a common occurrence.  Polar vortexes and epic floods seem to hit every year, and now, to top it all off, there are more volcanoes erupting across the world than any time in a good many years, including the apparent awakening of a super volcano in Naples, Itay, which could wipe out millions of people in a day.

Besides all this, there seems to be an ever increasing discovery and revelation of corruption among individuals and institutions, in high places and low, in governments and business, in communities and churches.  Scandals on Wall Street, corruption in goverments, hidden atrocities in churches, fraud by banks, etc., etc.  It really is an amazing and risky time we live in.

All these things I have described are called “black swans”, which are events that come out of the blue, are destabilizing in nature, and can cause panics in our financial system.  And our world is rife with them these days.  They are reasons for regular people to get some financial protection and have a small amount of gold set by where it is safe, can be easily accessed if there is a need, and to do it while it is practically free to do so.  It is like having a checking/savings account at your local bank, but instead you have an insured gold account at one of the most secure and world famous vault systems in the world (Brinks).  Any one of the crazy things I mentioned that are going on today could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and causes a financial crisis that wipes out the dollar, and your savings, and your job.  The time to get prepared is before it happens, not after the crisis hits when it will be impossible.



Deposit a small amount of money in a Personal account at Goldmoney, and start building a financial life raft that will protect you and your family when times get hard and the world freaks out.  Build on it paycheck by paycheck until you have a good little amount of gold saved.  It does not take a lot, and you will be glad you did.


Go to this link to set up a Goldmoney personal account today:



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