Arizona Now Set To Use Gold and Silver Currency

Just a quick note today my friends!  Remember I told you that several states in the United States are getting concerned enough about the massive amounts of money printing by the American Federal Reserve and enormous amounts of debt creation by the government of the United States, that they are exploring ways to ensure their citizens will be able to continue to conduct commerce even if the US is hit with a banking crisis and the dollar dies?

goldmoney-2Texas and Utah were the first states going in this direction, and now it appears they are being followed by another state, the state of Arizona.  A law is being considered right now that will allow gold to be used as legal tender in Arizona.  Folks, this is just another indication that the financial system we live in is becoming unstable.  More and more entities are turning to gold to protect themselves and those they are responsible for.

It is time for everyone to own a little bit of gold.  For protection.  For peace of mind.  Like being a passenger on the Titanic and having your own little life raft you bring along so that no matter how few life rafts have been provided by the powers that be for ordinary people, you will have your own protection and survive the financial shipwreck.

Go to Goldmoney now, and set up a Personal account by following the link below. Start putting a little bit of money in every month, even $5 a month, until you have a little store set by.  The day the financial system sinks, that gold will become priceless, like the life rafts on the Titanic were ignored until the ship started to sink, then everyone was clamoring to get one.

Start building your own financial life raft with a Goldmoney account!  It is easy, as cheap as a bank account, and smart!


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