Gold is Good For Medicine, Not Just Finances!

I have to say, gold just keeps getting cooler and cooler.  For a long time people said gold was good for your finances and for jewelry, but not for a lot of other things.  Unlike silver, which has many industrial uses, such as electronics, dentistry, solar energy, water purification, batteries, medicine, nuclear energy, and batteries to name a few.  Yet lately it seems that science is taking a better look aenjoy-more-fun-activitiest gold and finding some pretty cool applications.

For example, recently it was discovered that titanium, which is considered one of the hardest and strongest metals around, can be made 3-4 times stronger and harder by mixing in 25% gold in a specific way to form crystalline molecular structures.  This means metal hips and knees could last much longer and withstand much more wear and tear than the ones medicine uses today.  Which means people getting those implants can likely enjoy a wider range of challenging activities than they can enjoy today without ever having to have another transplant.  That is great news!!

Also, scientists are learning that gold atoms can be fused with medicines and sent into the body where they will effectively target certain diseased cells and deliver their medicines only to those targeted cells, and not others.  Especially in the area of brain tumors and diseases, which are hard to treat.

Imagine a world where there are many new demands for gold metal.  This will not only benefit the quality of life for many of us with better products, but the laws of economics will force the price of the yellow metal up.  Gold production is not set to vastly increase over the next 20-50 years.  There are not enough known gold resources of sufficient richness to harvest increase gold production dramatically.  As science finds new uses for gold, Increased demand combined with the limited supply means metal prices will rise.  There is a give and take in everything of course, because as prices rise, gold deposits that are not now economic will become economic.  But even at higher price levels, there is a shortage of available viable gold projects.

All of which means the future of gold prices looks good for now.  It is a good time to move some of your resources into a gold account!



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