Gold Still The Best

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well then, I am going to post a video and a handful of pictures to go with it, which should be worth thousands of words to get my point across today.


Hamburger is something I really enjoy.  It is a great tasting food and can be used in so many dishes in so many ways.  Hamburger is great and useful and popular.


But even though hamburger may be very good…. STEAK IS WAY BETTER!!!

If I could have steak for the same price as hamburger, I would take steak almost every time.  Yummy!!!  You would be crazy not to!

This is like dollars and gold.

Dollars are great, useful, and popular.


I love having and using dollars!!!!

But like steak, GOLD IS BETTER!!!  It is real money!  Not bank paper money!  It keeps its value!!


Especially when I can keep it in an insured vault and spend it with an electronic payment card if needed.  Easy Peasy!  As easy as dollars and just as safe and convenient!

 This video explains why gold in a Goldmoney account with a prepaid card is so useful, and why everyone should have a gold money account.



Now don’t get me wrong.  I like dollars.  I like having them and using them.  They are the best currency in the world…… NEXT TO GOLD!  And even a former central banker of the United States, Alan Greenspan, agrees!!  Gold is best!!

Quote 1 from Alan Greenspan:


 Quote 2 from Alan Greenspan:


My advice, like eating mostly hamburger, but having a great steak when you can, use mostly dollars, but get a little bit of gold to back up your dollars.  It is the best way to protect your finances from hard economic times.

Go to the link below and get a Personal Goldmoney account today!



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