Welcome to The Cool Thing About Gold Money

This is my first entry and I am excited to start this new project. To be honest with everyone, I have always enjoyed writing in different venues and applications. I have toyed with the idea many times in the past of starting a blog, and I have had many friends or acquaintances who started blogs and have gone on to be successful with them. But each time I considered it, the ideas I came up with never seemed to be the right topic to write about. Either I was serge-leenot really passionate enough about the topic to spend the time and effort of discovering and writing original material on it 4-5 times per week (like Bar-B-Que or guns), or the topic was too personal (like my family), or too spiritual (like the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ), or too partisan (like politics and patriotism for my beloved country, the USA). In the end, by luck I happened upon one of the most outrageously cool topics I could possibly have dreamed of (gold, gold mining, and gold treasure hunting), and also one of the most important and ultimately beneficial topics to share with my neighbors and friends (financial risks and how everyone, rich and poor, can and should be protected by owning a little bit of gold in a new easy to use format).

So strap yourselves in and prepare to be entertained and edified by one cool thing after another about gold. We will talk about gold mines in Mexico where you can walk down a beautiful sandy beach, past surfers and fishermen, with the deep blue ocean on the one side and a tropical forest on the other, and pan beautiful gold right out of the sand. We will chew the fat of folklore and tall tales about treasures in far flung places where you can actually have locals take you to old burnt down haciendas of overthrown nobility and dig up relics of gold and silver from past revolutions while you dodge and evade groups of banditos, mafiosos, and narco traficantes. We will be tech-talking about new technologies which make it easier to extract vast amounts of gold from hidden deposits where no one has been able to find it before. We will parley the realities and opinions about gold from the investment markets and titans of finance.


We will shoot the bull about all theories, both conspiracy and pedestrian, about gold in the central banks, in the shadow banking system, and in worldwide international relations. And most importantly, we will discuss in all seriousness the great, yet practical, benefit that every person on the planet can get from owning a small portion of gold in an easy to use and easy to access yet maximally secure arrangement. And also how cool it is to own gold and be able to use it just like dollars or euros or rubles or yen in everyday life. I hope you can join me for the ride!

We will see you here!

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